Governance & Trustees

To help protect the Scheme, it is set up under trust and is independent of the Company. The trust is managed by a corporate trustee: Kimberly-Clark Pension Trusts Limited, which has its own Board of Trustee Directors often referred to as the Trustees.

The role of the Trustees

The role of the Trustees is wide ranging and includes:

  • making sure that the Scheme is run according to its governing rules – the Trust Deed and Rules
  • acting conscientiously, honestly and in good faith in the interests of all Scheme members
  • making sure that contributions and benefits are paid correctly and on time
  • ensuring that members have a range of investment options to provide the flexibility they need to meet their varying needs
  • monitoring the performance of investments

If you have a question for the Trustees, please use the contact details found on the contact us tab.

Your current Trustees are listed below.

List of Trustees

  • Adam Robertson
  • Graham Mayes
  • Saul Emery
  • Paul Morgan
  • Gerry Philbin
  • Colin Tregellis